Welcome to the official website of the Gam-AnonĀ® International Service Office, Inc., serving the community of international meetings of the Gam-Anon Family Groups. Gam-Anon has created this website to provide information for the general public and professional community about problem (compulsive) gambling and its financial and emotional effects on the gamblers' families and loved ones.


  1. Accept and learn to live with the fact that compulsive gambling is an illness that cannot be cured, only arrested.  We are powerless to stop the gambler who wants to gamble.
  2. To interrogate the gambler will serve no purpose.  If the gambler wishes to hide the truth, interrogation will prove pointless.
  3. It is not recommended that the Gam-Anon member go to work specifically to pay gambling debts. This is the responsibility of the gambler.
  4. It is strongly suggested that NO ONE finance, sign for or consolidate the gambler's debts.  Experience has taught us that it is not helpful to borrow money to cover the gambling debts whether or not the gambler is in G.A. Discourage friends and family from lending the gambler money.
  5. Protect your finances as best as you can.  Learn about your financial situation and legal liabilities

     Gam-Anon members know from experience that following these general suggestions is difficult.  Each member has to make countelss daily decisions that apply to our individual personal situations.  At our meetings we learn to use the Gam-Anon program and the examples of the personal experiences of Gam-Anon members to guide us.