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The following titles are available as eBooks and can be purchased through a major online book distributor: The Gam-Anon Way of Life, The Twelve Step Workbook of Gam-Anon, Insights into Recovery, Information for the Newcomer Second Edition, Games Compulsive Gamblers and We Play Second Edition, For Parents of Compulsive Gamblers, and 52 Gam-Anon Meditations.


All books and pamphlets are copyrighted by the Gam-Anon® International Service Office, Inc.

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Literature can be ordered by mailing the literature order form to the Gam-Anon International Service Office or by ordering online. All literature sales are final and there are no refunds. Orders sent to the Gam-Anon office by mail are paid by check or money order in US funds. Literature ordered online can be paid by credit card or a Pay Pal account. All online orders are processed by Pay Pal. Members of the public, mental health professionals and members of the media are encouraged to order literature to learn about the Gam-Anon program.


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The Gam-Anon Way of Life - A Gam-Anon Manual - 60 pages - This is the book that is used at every meeting. Contains the Suggested Welcome, Steps of Recovery, Unity Steps, Purposes of Gam-Anon, Tools of the Program, Trust…the Myths and Realities, Suggested Points, Frequently Asked Questions with Answers… and more.

Living With the Compulsive Gambler - Over 140 pages of member’s experiences, meditations, poetry, explanations of Steps of Recovery and Unity Program, history of Gam-Anon.

Fourth Step Inventory - Revised in 2001, it is divided into topics appropriate for an inventory (anger, honesty, trust, control, self-worth, etc.), with thought provoking questions on each topic to help you with your inventory.

Games Compulsive Gamblers and We Play - An insightful look at the emotional "mind games" played by the gambler and those affected by the compulsive gambler. Identify with the "Pick a Fight" game, "Blame/Guilt" game, "I Love You/I Hate You" game and others and learn how to avoid them.

Insights Into Recovery - Thoughts on the Recovery Steps, meetings, program tools, spirituality, and many aspects of life in general.

In Our Own Words -  Over 180 pages of thoughts of our members about the Gam-Anon program and favorite literature.  Written in celebration of Gam-Anon's 60th anniversary, 1958 - 2018.

A Merry-Go-Round Named Denial - By means of an imaginary play, this book shows how those primary persons in the life of a gambler can perpetuate the illness and prevent recovery, and suggests what can be done to initiate a positive program of recovery.

The Twelve Step Workbook of Gam-Anon - An in depth explanation of the Twelve Steps of Recovery with questions to aid in an in depth study of the Twelve Steps.

52 Gam-Anon Meditations - (Thought for the Day, Today I will … Today I will remember …) This book provides a reading a week to savor and think upon or it may be read at will in any order at any time. It's an easy book to leave bedside - a way to step into one's day. While a single reading can be read in a short amount of time, each goes a long way in providing serenity, hope, or whatever you need that day.

Information for the Newcomer - Second Edition - Welcomes the newcomer to Gam-Anon, explains compulsive gambling and the Gam-Anon program.

Gam-Anon Sponsorship Guidelines - Explains the tool of Sponsorship and the sponsor/sponsored member relationship to achieve mutual goals of emotional growth and serenity.

For Parents of Compulsive Gamblers - An insightful look at the compulsive gambler and how gambling affects the parent/child relationship.  It also includes a compilation of original writings by parents of compulsive gamblers about their experiences and the help received from Gam-Anon.

Reflections On Our Gam-Anon Experience - Over 50 inspirational writings of members with their thoughts on Gam-Anon, living with the gambler, and everything else that reflects us and the Gam-Anon experience in our lives.

Past and Present - A collection of writings that originally appeared in various Conference books printed from 1979 - 1997. Conference books are written and printed by local members for a Conference and never reprinted.

Gam-Anon By-laws and Office Manual - Governs the activities and management of the International Service Office. Includes the division of meetings into geographic areas represented on the Board of Delegates, elections of Officers and Committees and their responsibilities, elections and responsibilities of the Delegates to the Board. The Board makes the decisions that affect Gam-Anon as a whole.

Handbook for Publicity and Public Relations - Guides members and meetings in their efforts to publicize Gam-Anon in their communities, manage hotlines, e-mails, and websites by following the guidelines of the Unity Steps of Gam-Anon.



All of the following are available free of charge and may be copied.

  • Is there a Gambling Problem in Your Family? - A trifold that relates personal experiences of members. 
  • Gam-Anon Can Help - A trifold that can be used for public relations and for new members.
  • Welcome To Gam-Anon (Suggested Packet For Newcomers) - Can be given as it is to new members, or taken apart and used as individual pages.
  • Suggested Meeting Formats and Topics - Copies of actual formats and topics used by meetings and previously printed in the newsletter, Gam-Anews.
  • Conference Guidelines - Explains how to organize a local conference or an international conference, including managing the funds and workshop guidelines.
  • Gam-Anon Budget Relief Instructions and Financial Forms - Helps members take financial inventory and put some order into the financial chaos of living with a compulsive gambler.
  • Ten Good Things About Gam-Anon - One page says it all... why Gam-Anon works!
  • How Someone Else's Compulsive Gambling Affects Us - Can you relate to these experiences described by Gam-Anon members?
  • Gam-Anon Speaks to Our Teens - A resource for Gam-Anon members that may open up the conversation with their teens about how living with the gambling problem affects their lives (includes reflections from teens).